North Carolina Supreme Court Re-Opens School Voucher Program

North Carolina Supreme Court Re-Opens School Voucher Program

Written by Don Byrd
Three months ago, a Superior Court judge in North Carolina halted the state’s school voucher program, ruling it likely unconstitutional. Now, the North Carolina Supreme Court has lifted that ruling.

The decision means parents may be able to begin using taxpayer money to send students to religious schools beginning this fall while the debate about the program’s constitutionality continues in court.

The Charlotte Observer has more:

Opponents of the voucher program reacted with a mixture of disappointment and defiance.

“We are disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision,” Edwin Dunlap Jr., executive director of the N.C. School Boards Association, said in a written statement. “The prudent thing would have been to answer these important constitutional questions before the state started spending public money on private schools.”

Opponents argue education money should only be spent on public education, and that the voucher money here funds schools that discriminate on the basis of religion.