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Does a lady hold the suitable to don a non secular scarf at show results? Is definitely a bakery proprietor justified in refusing for making a marriage cake for the same-sex pair? Can there be prayer in educational institutions? Christian monuments on federal government home? Partisan campaigning in properties of worship? These are typically the forms of issues BJC Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty grapples with. Our positions is unable to be successfully classified as about the political “right” or “left. ” As a substitute, the stand we get is a one which, we believe that, greatest supports spiritual flexibility. We have been lawyers, Capitol Hill insiders, ministers, mobilizers and students. We file briefs in pivotal Supreme Proceedings, advocate for and in opposition to laws, testify in Congress and unite with most people throughout faiths to make sure that that each American has, and may often have, the suitable to observe her or his religious beliefs. Started in 1936, we deliver our uniquely Baptist standpoint of “soul freedom” to shielding religious liberty for all and defending the separation of church and point out. BJC is definitely the only faith-based team engaged on the countrywide stage with this particular singular aim. Why? Spiritual flexibility is known as a pillar of yank lifestyle, written in the U. S. Structure and spelled out inside to begin with sixteen text with the Very first Modification: “Congress shall make no regulation respecting an institution of faith, or prohibiting the free of cost train thereof. ” As daring as all those text are, still, it is not normally evident how you can use them inside our modern day modern society.
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Baptist Freedom Fighters

As Baptists, we claim a long legacy of women and men who have risked their lives to advocate bravely for religious liberty for all.

Since 1936, BJC has advocated on Capitol Hill and in the courts as a watchdog over separation between the institutions of church and state

From our beginning in 1936, BJC has found strength in collaborating with a diverse array of groups, both religious and secular.

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The Arizona Legislature passed a bill this evening amending its state version of RFRA. The changes seem designed to bolster the rights of individuals and businesses to refuse service to others based on religious beliefs. The Christian Science Monitor reports…

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The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments yesterday in the challenge to roadside crosses at the popular riverfront in Evansville, Indiana.

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By a 19-16 margin, the State Senate in Maine today rejected a bill that would have prohibited the state government from

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